100 DAYS

I’ve always loved traveling. I grew up driving all across the western United States.
Family vacations were us loading up the car and camping in Yosemite, trekking to the Grand Canyon, or taking our 4×4 through Colorado.

There’s something special about exploring a new place and knowing within a  few hours if you feel at home. Knowing that you want to stay there, and if you leave you will come back because a part of your heart will always be there.

In 100 days I’m going to Chile. And I can not wait.

Why Chile? There are several reasons. I’m at a crossroads in my life (as cheesy as it sounds),
and now is the time to make the move. My boyfriend is Chilean and lives in the capital city of Santiago. It’s very difficult being apart (thank goodness for skype) and 5,600 miles away is much too far.

I’m also a California girl at heart. I love the laid back attitude, the weather, the beach, desert, and mountains. California has spreading farmland dotted by larger cities. The only other place with all those attributes is Chile.

So, in July I’m flying down to Santiago to visit. It’ll be my first trip to Chile. Heck, it will also be my first trip outside the US. If I love it, I’m coming back to Cali, packing up and moving down in September.

It will be full of new experiences, whatever happens. New smells, new sights, whole new language, mountain ranges, beaches, even new Starbucks (COFFEEEEEEE!), new everything. A new way to be.

I know it sound crazy, but If i don’t go now, I probably never will.

One hundred days isn’t that long. But not soon enough.


2 thoughts on “100 DAYS

  1. Wow! I wish I were as brave as you! I hope your trip to Chile is everything you want and more. (And that the 100 days fly by fast; but not too fast to get everything done!)��


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