My trip is getting close. Very close… IT’S A WEEK A WAY!
I’ve been so busy with work, phone calls, errands and general life stuff, that I have barely had time to
breathe. Let alone pack.
I would normally consider my self an over planner. I’m the kind of person that plans for a weekend away months in advanced, and my bag is packed a week before. But this time around, when it would really do me good to be packed super early, I’m waiting till the last second.
Because Chile is in the southern hemisphere, it is currently winter there. Which works out beautifully considering it’s our summer and I’m trying to take as much down with me this trip as possible. So I’m packing all my winter duds, some books, cosmetics, shoes and anything else I can squeeze into my bags. The more I take now, the less I will need to later.
Why can’t my suitcase be a Tardis… bigger on the inside.
All of the logistics are in place. And when the packing is done, I know I’ll have time to sit back and just… FREAK OUT! OMG I’M GOING TO CHILE! *Happy Dance*
It’s been 6 months since I decided to move to Chile. 6 months of waiting, and to be honest, I’m really over playing the waiting game. It has been so hard to be away from my honey. Learning to be patient was one of the hardest things. And any one who knows me will attest to my not having ANY patience.
I am so excited for this trip and the impending move. I really feel blessed to be able to take this leap and get to know my new city and my new family. 7 DAYS AND COUNTING!

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