Since it’s officially summer in the States, it’s officially winter here. In the US that would mean some different things then here. In Chile it’s not common for homes to have heating installed. So you have space heaters scattered around. But mostly it means I stay in bed. All bundled up. With my bed warmer on! In Chile we have caliente camas! It’s a really big thing here. It’s like an electric blanket you put under your sheets to get your bed all toasty.


It’s been so cold,rainy and grey the last week or so I haven’t wanted to leave the house. That’s really unusual for me. Since Guillermo works from home we don’t need to leave except to run errands. And he’s a homebody. But I get antsy and feel the need to get out and walk, sometimes for hours. But this week, I’ve just wanted to burry under my covers and hibernate.


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