I am continually trying to make this new place feel like home. Someplace I feel cozy, warm, comforted. Because we are renting, and I know this isn’t a permanent place, its a little hard to settle in. And the more I try to decorate or organize this space, the more I try to shape it into something I love, I’m starting to understand something really important. The more I realize its not what’s on the walls that’s so important, but what happens inside my home that evokes that feeling. That makes this my home. This is where my husband is. This is where we live and work. This is where I crochet and we cook. This where we LOVE and THAT is what makes this HOME.

So I’m trying to LOVE more. Do more. Start new traditions. Be a family. Because we are what’s important. And by doing that maybe some of that love and joy will soak into our walls and make this rented apartment a HOME.



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