30 Day Self Portrait Challenge

Elsie and Emma, the awesome gals over at A Beautiful Mess thought it would be fun to do a 30 day self portrait challenge! What a great way to challenge yourself as a photographer and a creator. I love trying different ways to pose, how to hold my camera and new ways to edit.
I have thought of doing a weekly or daily challenge in the past but didn’t know if I could keep up with it. I decided to join in on Instagram and post a weekly roundup here too. This time around I’m posting 9 pictures since my mom has been visiting and things have been a little crazy around here. So, here are portraits 1-9.

1/30 My bathroom has the best afternoon light.

2/30 My husband picked this little daisy for me on a walk. He is so sweet.

3/30 I’m standing in front of an origami wall. And yes, that is an elephant.

4/30 It. Is. Cold.

5/30 Fuzzy head

6/30 Morning hair don’t care.

7/30 loving my hair

8/30 sleepy times.

9/30 black and white


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