Happy Birthday Claire


Today is my sister’s birthday. She’s back in the states, and lives a few blocks from my parents. Of all the days I wish I was back for a visit, today is ranking pretty high. I wish I could pull up to her door and surprise her with dinner and cake. Watch my nephew get chocolate all over his face. And do the dishes so my sister or her husband don’t need to.

We haven’t always gotten along. Middle school and high school were pretty rough sometimes. We were both inconsiderate and did some mean things. We forgot what it meant to be sisters. We forgot how lucky we were to have each other. But we found our way back.

And now that I’m here I miss her a whole lot. I’m so proud of her. The lady she is. The mother she has become. And at the end of May she should be getting another addition to her family. I’m just so lucky I’m her sister, and I get to be Auntie Nina to these adorable little kiddos!

Thanks Claire for being awesomely amazing. I love you a whole ton!


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