I think it’s evident by the lack of content that I’m horrible at updating and posting here. Maybe it’s just the platform. Maybe it’s that I have to actually write out a post.

A recent love for podcasts (both audio and video) started a thought turning. What if I started a podcast! I would be able to yammer on (act like a spaz), which for me, is so much easier to do than coming up with blog topics and writing it all out. It would be posted here, with show notes, so there would be regular updates in this space. 

Fiber craft is such a huge part of my life right now. I knit every day. For hours at a time. I’m also new to spinning, and I’ve started writing down a few of my first designs. I would love to share this with you all!

On top of that, it will be a great video log of what I’ve done. 

Along  with the podcast, I’ll probably start a Ravelry group. I adore the community and accessibility Ravelry offers. Everyone is so positive and helpful. 

So stay tuned because the first episode is coming soon. 


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