EPISODE 12: The one where my brain stopped working

Hi guys!
Here are all the details!

Congrast to Elizabethknits2 for winning the giveaway!

tinypaperfoxes Podcast group is hosting a Make 2 Along till the end of the month. You can find the group he group thread for it here.

•Jennie is also giving away a copies of 4 of my patterns. So, if you would like to check that out and enter the thread in her group is here.

• The thread in the AndreSueKnits (Andre Sue Knits Podcast) group for the #shawlalong2016 is here.

Patterns Mentioned
Dotted Rays
Furi Furi Tee

New Podcasts
You can watch AmyFlorence talk about all her current fiber finds on her new PODCAST!
You can watch it on her blog or find Stranded Podcast on YouTube.

Also, Brittney from Spun Fiber Co has just started a PODCAST! You can watch the first episode on her blog or search Spuncast on YouTube.

Have a good week guys! Happy knitting

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