Dotted Rays

Dotted Rays Shawl

Love. I didn’t know while I was knitting my Dotted Rays I would love it this much. I enjoyed the process, I always do,  but the finished object is just… WOW!


I used  3 skeins of  Araucania Kine. Because Kine is a DK weight yarn it knit up rather quick. The pattern is simple and you easily fall into the rhythm of the short rows. Stephen West calls them “short cut rows” since there is no wrap and turn. I love that the double yarn over is stacked on top of the gap from the turns accentuating the space making the eyelets extra large.


Once blocked the yarn just let go. It’s almost as if the fabric was tense and stressed, then was given a massage and could finally relax. I hardly blocked it at all. I did give it a good stretch across the top to ensure some good length. but other than that all I did was smooth it into shape, gently pulling out the yarn overs on the bottom wedge for a little border. Once it was dry, I took a single ply from a scrap of yarn and attached one of my new  Grain Deep labels.


I know I will wear this CONSTANTLY. These are totally my summer colors. I also have the front half my Furi Furi Tee done and blocked. The colors will compliment it perfectly. Because you know, ALL HOT PINK ALL THE TIME!

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