Tweedy Mess



I love tweed. I love the mess, the pops of color, the fuzz. A while ago I bought a few random bags of  Batt Food from Nunoco. Armed with my hand cards (those things can be vicious!) I blended bunch of rolags, and hand-pulled roving. I ended up with over 400 gs of fiber. Over the last few months I’ve been spinning it all up. Mostly spinning + plying a single colorway. But lately, I’ve been experimenting.

I’m spinning singles to two bobbins at random. I’m not worrying about placement, or color, or matching the plies. Keeping leftover singles on from seperate projects, adding them to the mix. It’s a mess. And I love it.

I can’t wait to see it finished, what it will turn into when I start to ply it.

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